Etalage demonstration

Etalage is a ready to use jQuery image zooming plugin to present your images in the highest detail without leaving the page.

Simply link to the JavaScript and CSS files and apply it to your HTML element like other jQuery plugins. Customize the settings and CSS to match your style and purpose.
Full documentation and examples included.

Example 1: Some basic styling applied, all default plugin options.
Example 2: Single image, different size, different styling, different magnifier.
Example 3: Different styling, different zoom frame size, more visible small thumbnails, high detail images, no autoplay, no zoom icon, no hint.


Plugin options



  1. Include the jQuery library
  2. Include the CSS file and optionally customize it with your own styling
  3. Include the plugin JavaScript file
  4. Provide your HTML list of images (see example below)
  5. Invoke the plugin on your list and optionally change the settings to your liking of functionality

Analysis of HTML list

<!-- Give it any id or class to identify it with: -->
<ul id="etalage">
<!-- This is the large (zoomed) image source: -->
<img class="etalage_source_image" src="/images/large_image_1.jpg"
title="Optionally, your description goes here." />

<!-- This is the thumb image source (if not provided, it will use the large image source and resize it): -->
<img class="etalage_thumb_image" src="/images/thumb_image_1.png" />

More detailed documentation is included, along with the commented source files.


New in version 1.1

To update from the previous version; replace the "functionality" part and add the "Description area" section from the new CSS.